About Greendale Ag Lending

Greendale Ag Lending is the vision of Scott Robnett. Scott and David Robnett grew up in the farming community of Kinmundy, IL, population 750.  Their parents and grandparents were farmers and ran businesses which supported the agricultural community.  The name of Greendale Ag Lending actually is taken from the name of their parent’s business Greendale Grain and Fertilizer which they ran for 25 years before selling it to retire. Scott Robnett is the Chief Operating Officer of Greendale Ag Lending and David Robnett is the Chairman and CEO of Celebrity Financial, Inc., the parent company of Greendale Ag Lending.

Scott and David have over 20 years of mortgage experience. When they decided to get into the Ag lending business, they knew they would need to hire experienced Ag lenders.  Aaron Johnson, CEO of Greendale Ag Lending, and Aaron Tenney, SVP and Loan Officer, have decades of Ag experience between them and are active in farming operations of their own.  They are available to review your financing need, and they know more than just debt coverage and loan to value ratios.  They know farming.

We have access to funds from Farmer Mac, banks and insurance companies. At Greendale Ag, we listen to your needs and always conduct research to find the best financing option available to you.  Give us a call or apply now at the link below.