Grain Farm Loans

Greendale Ag Lending offers a variety of custom financing options to meet the needs of grain producers. We are able to provide low interest funding to help cover the wide range of costs that come with grain farming, including land acquisition, machinery/equipment, operations, seed, fertilizer, chemicals, fuel, products, livestock, and more.

We offer the following loans to grain producers:

  • Crop production, operating, and input
  • Grain inventory
  • Grain storage
  • Feed
  • Livestock
  • And more

Farm Storage Facility Loan Program

One of the biggest expenses for grain farmers is storage. The Farm Storage Facility Loan Program (FSFL) is designed to deliver low-interest financing to grain producers for purposes of building or upgrading facilities to store commodities. Facility types eligible for these loans may be new or used, permanently affixed or portable, and can include grain bins, hay barns, bulk tanks, and facilities for cold storage. Equipment for drying, handling, and storage is also eligible, including storage and handling trucks. Commodities eligible for this program include grains, oilseeds, peanuts, pulse crops, hay, honey, renewable biomass commodities, fruits and vegetables, floriculture, hops, maple sap, milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, eggs, meat/poultry (unprocessed), rye, and aquaculture.

FSFL is an optimal financing program for on-farm storage and handling for small and mid-sized farms, and for new farmers. Loan terms vary from 3 to 12 years. Storage facility loans can go as high as $500,000, while storage and handling trucks can go as high as $100,000.

Other Farm Service Agency (FSA) “microloans” also exist for loans with an aggregate balance up to $50,000.

If you own or wish to own a grain farm, contact the experts at Greendale Ag to assist you with your financing needs. We’ll walk through the process and determine the best loan program for your situation. We offer a simple loan application, quick approval process, credit limits fitting the needs of the producer, and competitive rates.

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